Bosch S50 08 – Bosch S5 batteries




Battery specification
ModelS50 08
Battery technologystandard
Capacity77 Ah
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)780 A
Length278 mm
Width175 mm
Height190 mm
Battery layout0 - positive on the right side
Terminal types1
Base hold-downB13

Similar batteries

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCCADimensionsBase hold-downPrice
Bosch S3S30 0870 Ah640 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Bosch S4S40 0874 Ah680 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Bosch S5S50 0877 Ah780 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide ClassicEC70070 Ah640 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide ExcellEB74074 Ah680 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide PremiumEA77077 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Black DynamicE1370 Ah640 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Blue DynamicE1174 Ah680 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Silver DynamicE4477 Ah780 A278x175x190 mmB13More

2 thoughts on “Bosch S50 08 – Bosch S5 batteries

  1. David Baker

    Can you advise if the S50 08 is suitable / recommended for my 2005 Mercedes C180K please?

    Many thanks


    1. batt Post author

      This battery should fit. But first you should check if the size is the same with the current battery. 278x175x190 mm
      Best regards


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