Varta N80 – Varta Blue Dynamic EFB batteries


The Varta N80 battery is a battery made using EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology. The battery capacity is 80 Ah, and the starting current is 800 A. The pole layout 0 means that the positive pole (+) is located on the right side of the battery, looking from the terminal side.


Battery specification
SeriesBlue Dynamic EFB
Battery technologyEFB
Capacity80 Ah
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)800 A
Length315 mm
Width175 mm
Height190 mm
Battery layout0 – positive on the right side
Terminal types1
Base hold-downB13

Similar batteries

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCCADimensionsBase hold-downPrice
Bosch S4 EFBS4 E1180 Ah730 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Exide EFBEL80080 Ah720 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Lucas Fusion EFBLE11580 Ah730 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Blue Dynamic EFBN8080 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Blue Dynamic EFBF2280 Ah730 A315x175x190 mmB13More

The Varta N80, part of the Blue Dynamic EFB battery series, is a lead-acid automotive battery optimized for modern vehicles, particularly those equipped with start-stop systems. This battery employs Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology, offering superior charge acceptance and greater cycle stability over traditional lead-acid batteries.

With a capacity of 80 Ah (Ampere-hours), the Varta N80 is designed to store and supply a substantial amount of electrical charge. Its cold cranking amps (CCA) rating of 800 A indicates a strong ability to start engines in cold conditions. Dimensionally, the battery measures 315mm in length, 175mm in width, and 190mm in height, fitting a broad range of vehicles.

The battery features a layout with the positive terminal on the right side (layout 0) and uses Type 1 terminals. The base hold-down is type B13, a common fixture in automotive applications, ensuring the battery remains secure and stable within the vehicle’s battery compartment.

In essence, the Varta N80 is crafted to provide consistent, reliable power for vehicles, especially those with high electrical demands or advanced electronic systems.

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