Suzuki Liana (2001-2007) – batteries

Suzuki Liana was produced in the years 2001 - 2007. We invite you to a list of batteries matching individual engine versions.

Basic parameters of batteries suitable for Suzuki Liana (2001-2007):

LayoutTerminal typesBase hold-down
0 - positive on the right side3B0
0 - positive on the right side1B9
0 - positive on the right side1B01
As you can see, in case of Suzuki Liana, even the basic parameters of the batteries (battery layout, terminal types and base hold-down) are not identical for all engine versions. For this reason, care must be taken to match the battery to a specific engine.

Suzuki Liana - petrol engines:
1.6 4WD

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S4S40 2045 Ah330 A238x129x227 mmB0More
Exide ExcellEB45645 Ah330 A237x127x227 mmB0More
Varta Blue DynamicB3145 Ah330 A238x129x227 mmB0More
In the case of these petrol engines, we choose batteries in size 237x127x225 mm, 237x127x227 mm or 238x129x227 mm, which capacity exceeds 42 Ah. All the batteries in the above list have the same capacity 45Ah and Cold Cranking Amps: 330 A. All the batteries in the list above have a base hold-down B0.

Suzuki Liana - diesel engines:
1.4 DDiS

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S4S40 2670 Ah630 A261x175x220 mmB01More
Exide ExcellEB70470 Ah540 A270x173x222 mmB9More
Exide PremiumEA75475 Ah630 A270x173x222 mmB9More
Varta Blue DynamicE2370 Ah630 A261x175x220 mmB01More
These diesel engines should work with batteries of dimensions 260x174x224 mm, 261x175x220 mm or 270x173x222 mm, which capacity is minimum 67 Ah. The most basic battery of this set is Exide Excell EB704 of a capacity 70Ah and 540A Cold Cranking Amps, the battery with the biggest capacity is Exide Premium EA754 of a capacity 75 Ah, having 630A Cold Cranking Amps.

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