Chrysler PT Cruiser (2000-2010) – batteries

Chrysler PT Cruiser was produced in the years 2000 - 2010. The following table presents information about batteries that match each of the engines available on the market.

Basic parameters of batteries suitable for Chrysler PT Cruiser (2000-2010):

LayoutTerminal typesBase hold-down
0 - positive on the right side1B13

Chrysler PT Cruiser - petrol engines:
GT 2.4

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S4S40 0460 Ah540 A242x175x175 mmB13More
Bosch S5S50 0461 Ah600 A242x175x175 mmB13More
Exide ExcellEB60260 Ah540 A242x175x175 mmB13More
Exide PremiumEA61261 Ah600 A242x175x175 mmB13More
Varta Blue DynamicD5960 Ah540 A242x175x175 mmB13More
Varta Silver DynamicD2161 Ah600 A242x175x175 mmB13More
In the case of these petrol engines, we choose batteries in size 242x175x175 mm, which capacity exceeds 57 Ah. The weakest of these is the battery Bosch S4 S40 04 which capacity is 60 Ah and Cold Cranking Amps is 540 A. The most powerful battery is Varta Silver Dynamic D21 of a capacity 61Ah and Cold Cranking Amps: 600 A. All the batteries in the list above have a base hold-down B13.

Chrysler PT Cruiser - diesel engines:
2.2 CRD

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S5 AGMS5A 0870 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK70070 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Silver Dynamic AGME3970 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
These diesel engines should work with batteries of dimensions 278x175x190 mm, which capacity is minimum 67 Ah. All the batteries in the above list have the same capacity 70Ah and Cold Cranking Amps: 760 A. The base hold-down of the above batteries is B13.

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