VW Up! (from 2011) – batteries

VW Up! is produced from 2011. We invite you to a list of batteries matching individual engine versions.

Basic parameters of batteries suitable for VW Up! (2011-):

LayoutTerminal typesBase hold-down
0 - positive on the right side1B13

VW Up! - petrol engines:
1.0 EcoFuel

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S3S30 0040 Ah340 A175x175x190 mmB13More
Bosch S4S40 0044 Ah420 A175x175x190 mmB13More
Exide ClassicEC40040 Ah320 A175x175x190 mmB13More
Exide ExcellEB44044 Ah400 A175x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Black DynamicA1640 Ah340 A175x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Blue DynamicB3644 Ah420 A175x175x190 mmB13More
In the case of these petrol engines, we choose batteries in size 175x175x190 mm, which capacity exceeds 37 Ah. The weakest of these is the battery Exide Classic EC400 which capacity is 40 Ah and Cold Cranking Amps is 320 A. The most powerful battery is Varta Blue Dynamic B36 of a capacity 44Ah and Cold Cranking Amps: 420 A. The base hold-down of the above batteries is B13.

VW Up! - petrol engines:
1.0 - with Start-Stop system
1.0 EcoFuel - with Start-Stop system

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensionsBase Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S5 AGMS5A 0560 Ah680 A242x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK60060 Ah680 A242x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Silver Dynamic AGMD5260 Ah680 A242x175x190 mmB13More
Above versions of VW Up! are equipped with Start-Stop system and in this case e should use batteries made AGM technology. Matching batteries have dimensions 242x175x190 mm. The parameters of these batteries are at least 60 Ah of a capacity and 680 A CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). All the batteries in the above list have the same capacity 60Ah and Cold Cranking Amps: 680 A. All the batteries in the list above have a base hold-down B13.

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