BMW Z4 E89 (2009-2016) – batteries

BMW Z4 in version E89 was produced in the years 2009 – 2016. Below we present the specifications of batteries suitable for specific engines.

Basic parameters of batteries suitable for BMW Z4 (2009-2016):

LayoutTerminal typesBase hold-down
0 – positive on the right side1B13

BMW Z4 E89 – petrol engines:
  • sDrive 18 i – with Start-Stop system
  • sDrive 23 i
  • sDrive 30 i
  • sDrive 35 i
  • sDrive 35 is

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensions (LxWxH)Base Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S5 AGMS5A 0870 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK70070 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK72072 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Halfords StandardAGM 09670 Ah720 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Halfords AdvancedAGM 09670 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Lucas Fusion AGMLF09670 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Silver Dynamic AGME3970 Ah760 A278x175x190 mmB13More
For these engines, no matter if we have a Start-Stop system installed in the car, we should use batteries made in AGM technology. We choose batteries of dimensions: 278x175x190 mm. The parameters of these batteries are at least 70 Ah of a capacity and 720 A CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). The base hold-down of the above batteries is B13.

BMW Z4 E89 – petrol engines:
  • sDrive 20 i – with Start-Stop system
  • sDrive 28 i – with Start-Stop system

Brand and seriesModelCapacityCold Cranking AmpsDimensions (LxWxH)Base Hold-DownPrice
Bosch S5 AGMS5A 1180 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK80080 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Exide AGMEK82082 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Halfords AdvancedAGM 11580 Ah800 A317x175x190 mmB13More
Lucas Fusion AGMLF11580 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
Varta Silver Dynamic AGMF2180 Ah800 A315x175x190 mmB13More
The BMW Z4 gasoline engines mentioned above are equipped with a Start-Stop system, and in this case, it means there is a need to use batteries produced using AGM technology. Dimensions of matching batteries differ slightly depending on the manufacturer and are 315x175x190 mm or 317x175x190 mm. The parameters of these batteries are at least 80 Ah of a capacity and 800 A CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). All of the above motors have a base hold-down B13.
If you’re still unsure which battery fits your BMW Z4 , or if you want to help others in their selection, please send us a photo of your current battery in the comment section at the bottom of the page. You can also send the picture to (we will place it in the comments to also help other users). Be sure to specify the car model, year, type, as well as the engine capacity and power. We’ll do our best to assist you!

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